The Secret of Martial Arts Power!

Put Martial Arts Power in your Fingertips!

Do you really want martial arts power? Do you want to be able to hit some fool so hard on sunday he doesn’t wake up till Wednesday! Do you want to have muscles bigger than a blimp made of brick!

Creating Martial Arts Power

Sink, Breath, Make Tan Tien Glow!


All of which tells me that you don’t really know the source of power. To understand power we’re going to have to look at a couple of words and understand them thoroughly. Guaranteed, when you understand them you will have a new understanding of what power really is, no matter if you study karate or keno or whatever, and how to get it.

To have power over something is to have control over it. To be able to destroy something is not power over it, except of the most limited kind. So, let’s substitute the word energy for power.

According to the dictionary, energy is the capacity for work, it is how much work you can do. So if power is domination, energy is hard work. Energy, having the feeling of power in your body, may be what you are really looking for.

Work is how much weight you can move. Move a lot of weight and you use a lot of energy and you get tired. Well, isn’t that interesting?

Okay, how about if you do the kind of work that enables you to store energy. If you do something like weightlifting you increase the amount of weight you can lift, which is the amount of energy you can output, and this increases the density and bulk of your muscles. Double hmmm.

Okay, nothing wrong with weightlifting, but if you want to hone in on how to store energy exactly for the martial arts, how about if you do body weight calisthenics, as prescribed by martial arts forms and drills? Muscles get denser and faster, but, here’s the real trick, the more of these exercises you do, the more energy you feel in your body, the more power you have.

Zingo bingo, we are at the heart of the matter…to work out and not just get exhausted, but rather become full of energy, and able to use that energy at a future date. This is the meaning you must fulfill if you are going to increase your power and have more energy and…make the martial arts work. That’s right…you’re going to have to work to make it work by working, and that’s the True Source of Martial Arts Power!



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