The Four Funniest Karate Knock Outs I Have Ever Seen

Karate Knock Outs for Fun and…Fun!

In football it’s that ninety yard runback. In baseball it’s that over the fence home run. In martial arts its…the knockout!

knock them down

Hit Hard, Hit First!

There is just something about a knock out that is exhilarating. Two grown men putting it on the line, and no sissy refs decision! Just, blood, bruises, and one guy lays down for the count.

The fourth funniest knock out I have ever seen was a classmate of mine name of Jeff. We were doing a seminar on breaking, and Jeff asked the instructor if you could break a board with your head. Minutes later we all heard a mighty thonk–and Jeff suddenly stood in the door, severely slanted and not sure where he was.

The third funniest knock out I ever heard of wasn’t a complete knock out, but it was so close we’ll count it. An instructor was teaching a child how to defend himself, and, let’s be honest, he was showing off to the parents. Suddenly a five year old carried through–and kicked the instructor right in the bouncies, and the instructor crawled into the back room where the sound of a grown man worshipping the porcelain throne issued forth.

The second funniest knock out was a complete and utter knock out. My instructor was practicing spinning jumping kicks under a long hanging tree. We found him there, out cold, laying on the ground with bark splinters on his forehead.

The first funniest knock out I ever saw, however, has to belong to me. I was practicing push ups on fingers. After months I was down to two straight fingers, and I was perched proud and precarious on two digits of each hand, and…they gave way.

All the power I had been focusing into my fingers gave way, I couldn’t catch myself, and the ground rushed up and slapped me in the face. That’s right, I actually knocked myself out doing a push up.

It wasn’t glorious, it was silly, so silly that I nominate myself for the funniest knock out of all time. I mean, a push up? I mean, it’s so stupid that it is beyond embarrassment.

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