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free martial arts techniquesMARTIAL ARTS TECHNIQUES

Karate Self Defense Applications Hidden In Pinan Three Another way of looking at the ancient forms and finding the secret techniques in them.

How to do a Gun Self Defense Using Martial Arts I actually had to use this technique once, and here are the things you need to know to make it work.

How to Do Martial Arts Timing Drills Increase your awareness with Martial Arts timing Drills.

The Deadliest Martial Arts Concept in All the Martial Arts This is the secret behind Tai Chi and Pa Kua and other Wudan based arts.

Five Things I wish I Had Known About the Martial Arts! Shoulda woulda coulda…if I had only know this stuff my training would have gone so much easier! 

The Deadliest Weapon in Martial Arts History Sharper than a knife! Faster than a nun chuck! More powerful than a gun! Can you guess what it is?

Which Martial Arts Will Win? There is a basic dichotomy in the martial arts, and this opens the door to existence itself.

Zen and the Art of Archery The ultimate example of using zen. You won’t believe what this guy did!

How to Hold a Knife! Four methods that work, but which one is best for you?

Discovering the Three Depths to a Real Martial Arts Strike! Real power comes from understanding. Real understanding comes on the end of a fist. Here;s the secret learning method.

Martial Arts Fighting in the Dark: How to Train Yourself! This is a kick. Easy to do, yet you will grow those sixth senses like nobody’s business!

Three Martial Arts Dirty Tricks That You Can Win a Life and Death Street Fight With Fight dirty? Well, he’s the bad guy, and you’re the good guy. Don’t you think you should win?

How to Size Up an Opponent! Here’s how you win a fight the smart way. Know what he is and know what he is going to do.

Why Does It Take Forever to Learn Martial Arts? The army can train a high tech soldier in a few months, so why does it take so long to learn the martial arts?

What Would the Perfect Blend of Martial Arts Training Be? There is actually a scientific formula to follow in this matter of creating the perfect martial art. Here is the concept behind it all.

Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li: Who‘s the Better Martial Artist? The ultimate comparison! Who are you voting for?

Who Would Win the Fight…Jean Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal? Two silver screen stars, but can they really fight? And what would happen if they fought each other?

The Book of Five Rings and The Secret of the Five Elements Musashi wrote of five rings, but could these five rings equate to the five elements? Here’s how.

The Best Kung Fu Movie You’ll Ever See! An American movie made in the fifties has my vote. It actually out chop sockies the kung fu flix. Read about it here.

Small Joint Manipulation and the Mixed Martial Arts! Martial Arts Techniques that make people fall down. Don’t try this in the UFC…you’ll win, but you’ll get disqualified!

The Most Fantastic Training Device in the Martial Arts Isn’t Always So Great! The pitfalls of mirror training. Careful, if you love yourself you’re not going to like this.

The Three Types of Reaction Time in the Martial Arts Reaction time, it will kill you. This article will tell you how to get rid of reaction time, and why you should.

The First Martial Arts Lesson You Ever Receive Everybody starts somewhere, here’s what it feels like.

Five Steps to the Hardest Punch in the World! A good punch is better than a rose. Here’s the easy way to put that punching power in your martial arts techniques.


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