The Key to Understanding Martial Arts Chi Theory

Martial Arts Chi is Real!

Martial Arts Chi power is suppose to be a big mystery. It is supposed to be a mystical energy that permeates the universe. And, chi is supposed to be a mystical energy that you can, after a lifetime, create to do mystical things.

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Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of proof. Maybe a few people who can do things that others can’t, but a few oddities don’t make for universal rules, or prove certain theories concerning the subject of Chi. Fortunately, there is a theory that will work, that is not mystical, and that will result in Chi.

A motor is defined as two held together by push or pull. Everything in the universe can be defined as a motor. Every tension in the universe is the result of a motor.

An atom has a proton and electron interchanging to create energy. A cell has sodium and potassium working together to create energy. Everywhere in the universe that you find two terminals opposing, you will find energy, and you will find a motor.

And, when you take a stance with the human body, you have increased weight, and this creates energy between the legs and the planet. When you shift from stance to stance, moving the weight from leg to leg, the weight moves up and down the legs, and this excites the tan tien, a spot two inches below the navel which is the energy generator for the body. Thus, the body is a motor, and there is energy, and you can call this energy chi.

Here’s the problem: everybody is obsessed with building the body, and so creates only the low level chi required to operate the body. What people should be doing is concentrating on the mental process, and by this I mean focusing awareness on the procedure. If you build the awareness it takes to create the energy, energy will build at a much higher rate, and will result in the ‘superhuman’ potential that people look to Chi for.

Thus, to build awareness necessary to create chi power, do your form, and concentrate not on the violence of action, not on building the body, but on becoming aware of what you are doing. Feel the energy going up and down your legs, feel your connection with the planet, feel the energy building in the tan tien. Do this and you will shortly become aware of energy at your fingertips of a surprising nature.

Energy that warms the palms upon mere thought, energy that tingles a body part just by directing your awareness to it. Energy that can be channeled into body parts, and can even be felt outside your body. Once you have started building energy of this type, then you can start searching for more spectacular ways to manifest it.

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