Free Martial Arts Books

Free Martial Arts Books

Your Martial Arts Have Been Corrupted.

I’ve got a whole bunch of free stuff for you. You can skip on down to the bottom of the page if you like, and skip this page, but if you want to learn an interesting truth, that may be a bit unpleasant, then read on down.

What has been done to the Martial Arts.

It can take lifetimes to learn an Art if that Art is out of order, missing chunks, taught incorrectly, corrupted by other influences, mixed with other Arts, and so on.

Most people aren’t convinced by these words, they think it is just hype and bushwah. So let me prove it. Read the following box.

whats wrong with martial arts


Doesn’t make sense, does it. So go ahead and read on, read about the solution for what has been done to the martial arts,  and at the bottom of this page I will tell you what is in the box.


Matrixing is the analysis and handling of force and flow (direction). Matrixing is a specific set of principles which, when applied to a Martial Art, reveal data that is missing, highlights data that is false, improperly placed, or which otherwise compromises and corrupts an Art. An Art that has been Matrixed becomes pure and logical, and able to be absorbed 10 Xs faster! Consider the following analogy:

If I gave you 4,  6, 2, 9, 3, 1, 7, and Z, and a shaved cat…you would never find ten. If I gave you 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9…you would most certainly find ten…and nobody could stop you from finding ten.

To prove what I have just said, I want to talk about the box you read at the top of the page. What was done to that box is that all the vowels were removed.

The same sort of thing has been done to the martial arts, but about ten times worse. In addition to the vowels being taken out, imagine if all the letters were jumbled, out of order, things having nothing to do with numbers added, and so on. You’d have something like this…

So scroll down a couple of inches and see what is in the box.











bruce lee


A simple statement.

Your art started out simple. No matter what it looks like now, no matter how many dozens of forms, thousands of techniques, all the bowing and ritual and belt ranks and such, it originally started out with a simple statement. A concept. And then it went crazy, became something that took decades to learn. and, somehow you never get as good as the guys who started it, who started with a simple concept and made that concept work.

So here is the truth: your art has had basic concepts removed from it, or totally obscured (hidden). This makes it hard (long) to learn, and difficult to use.

It has techniques that would never work in a fight

And remember this truth–if it is difficult to learn it is going to be difficult to remember, and difficult to use in a fight that may be over in fractions of a second.

Now I don’t expect you to throw up your hands and yell ‘Hosanna!’ (Although I wouldn’t mind if you did-grin) So here are a couple of free books, and six issues of the Monster Martial Arts Journal, plus the Monster Martial Arts Newsletter.

Now, let’s be plain about what I am offering here. This is not a ‘splash page,’ one of those internet gimmicks designed to take your money. This is an education that I am offering, an education which is, at present, not offered in the martial arts.

You see, once you get into Matrixing you will realize something: I am offering a martial science. Yes, there are plenty of martial arts, entire martial arts, on almost every course, but the real meat is that you will learn scientific principles which can be used to make your art the best it can be, can save you thousands of dollars by increasing your speed of learning, get you to the end of the Martial Path in months instead of decades…can rid you of reaction time, will make you stronger and faster quicker, and all because the data that you learn has never been seen in the martial arts, and is the first actual Martial Science in the history of the world.

Again, let me make this perfectly clear…this is not one of those ‘Joe beat up Eight Skinheads by using Sciocyberattacktics taught to him by a secret monk who survived the Iranian Torture Chambers’–for a sum of money ending with the number 7.

This is an education.

This is not ‘monkey see monkey do’ stuff–this is the actual science that you do not learn in your martial arts classes, but which make all martial arts work.

Here are your introductory materials…

Matrixing Primer-What Matrixing is and how it works.

How I Discovered Matrixing-The various martial arts studied and the sequence of experiences that resulted in the discovery of Matrixing Technology.

The Monster Martial Arts journal-The original six issues, discussing the various ways Matrixing is used, what it is, how it changes the various martial arts, and so on.

Monster Martial Arts Newsletter-This comes out twice a week, has tips, testimonials, special offers, and so on…Make sure you set your filters to accept it…Try it for a few weeks, if it doesn’t deliver the goods, simply unsubscribe.

And remember…spam sucks and I won’t do it, I won’t sell, give away, trade, or whatever your email address. I wouldn’t want it done to me, and I don’t do it to you.


Sign up for the newsletter and you will be redirected to the download page for these books. You will also receive one of the eight basic Matrixing courses for half price from Monster Martial Arts! If you are already on the newsletter you don’t qualify, this is a special deal to encourage people to find out about Matrixing.


I just added an 80 page book on prepping. Martial Arts and prepping go hand in hand. Plus, if this society does get crazy (crazier), then I want martial artists rising up and helping with the problem, and helping with any rebuild. I really think martial artists are one of the most stable, front line defenses we have against a crazy civilization!

After sign up you will be directed ti an URL for purchasing a Matrixing Course for half price.

After sign up you will be directed to an URL for purchasing a Matrixing Course for half price.



BTW–Giving out people’s email addresses betrays trust and is bad for business. I won’t do it.


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Paypal not working?

Anything at all?


15 responses to “Free Martial Arts Books

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  2. Is THere A way i can get just the books for free?? pleaz

    • The books are free. Just fill in the form and you’ll be emailed the download instructions.

    • I’m a second degree black belt in karate good enough to go do some big tournaments bit idk if I am able to sign up or try out for a team so I can live my dream.btw I’m 15

  3. Iam learning Wudang-Kung Fu in Germany for seaven years and Im interested in your material which you are offering. Thank you

  4. Lewis F. Miranda

    I have been looking for a way to learn from you for quite a few years, and now am to the point of doing so. I thank you for all the work you have done so far, and look forward to NOW getting to learn. Sorry for the delay.

  5. When will you do a book about Learning Wing Chun?

    • James Yimm Lee wrote a wonderful book on Wing Chun. Rumor has it that Bruce Lee actually did the writing. Matrixing is more for fixing wing chun, or any other martial art. Take care and have a great work out. Al

  6. I am an on-again/off-again student of ninjutsu. It’s not exactly like you can find a ninjutsu dojo on any given street corner…and even if you could, the majority of the time, you just get someone who really specializes in ANOTHER style (or a mixed style) and just happens to dress in a black gi *LOL*. Where I’m at, there is a local “ninjutsu” dojo who somewhat recently went out of business…and who had left behind many unsatisfied students (and bill collectors apparently, going by the letters posted on the front door of his deserted place *lol*) in his wake. He advertised his dojo to offer ninjutsu, yet the more you found out, the more you realized there wasn’t any to be learned there…all his credentials on the wall were earned towards everything but…then when he’s had enough of your wondering, he’d flat out tell you that “there is no such thing as real ninjutsu”. Going on to say that “real ninjutsu” is just a composite of styles that is the most efficient…or so he claimed…and that his composite style was the best (of course *cough-cough*). Small wonder there were so many unsatisfied students! Anyone in the L.A. area will probably know which one I’m talking about.

    The nearest credible ninpo dojo to me is at least an hour drive…what’s more daunting than that is being aware of how little I will learn. I understand that’s what dojos feel they must do to keep their lights on (releasing information one drop at a time), but I have too much lost time to make up for and I know better than to expect them to be obliged to accommodate that (and I’m afraid I just don’t have the time to learn Japanese, nor the money to fly over to Japan to train there!). I’d probably be considered impatient and pushy, when all I really am is hungry and eager to learn and advance. I’ve heard only a little about matrixing styles, but so far I’m loving what I’m hearing. If this were possible to do with ninjutsu, that would be the perfect solution I’ve been hurtin for all this time.

    P.S. Hey, your analogy above (with the missing vowels & trying to make sense out of it….or trying to find 10 out of a group of jumbled, non-sequential numbers, the letter Z & a shaved cat LOL) just happens to coincide with how I feel about the bible LOL. I feel it’s been as equally corrupted, if not more. But, that’s another discussion. Thanks so much for sharing this information, this sure has made my week :.)

  7. Hey CactusHeart, glad to hear from you. Hard to find true ninpo. Maybe writing Stephen Hayes or one of those other fellows you could find out if there was a legit teacher in LA.
    And, yes, the bible. I don’t exactly matrix the bible, but i do apply certain matrixing principles to the field of religion. That would be neutronics, which is at churchofmartialarts(dot)com.
    Have an awesome workout!

  8. Derek Salling

    I studied with you for years, and they were some of the best years of my life. I still to this day when practicing in my backyard or a park somewhere here you telling me to get in a lower stance, or asking me if you think a giggling man would be able to beat a passionate fighter in freestyle. Good times. Thank you Al for all your research and everything you’ve done to clean up these arts so they can be duplicated properly. To this day I still anticipate and eliminate all possibilities of physical conflict through my understanding of the arts.

    Derek Salling

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  11. Hi, I’ve learn nothing about “martial arts” because in the music arts, always playing some music instruments, no hard works, no sweet it makes me weak. I wanna do some exercises like body straightening, punching or kicking to lower my fats and make me in condition. So I hope it works for me.


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