Martial Arts Test Your Knowledge And Be A Smarter Person!

The Great American Martial Arts Test!

This Martial Arts Test will let you know how smart you are in the martial arts. The questions go over a variety of martial arts, and instructions for finding out your grade are at the end. Write down the answer to each question, and have fun.

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Discovering the Mysteries of the Universe!

Who was the Chinese movie star who was called ‘The Little Dragon?’  What was the important style of art learned by the founder of Aikido? What was the name of the brothers responsible for building a national chain of Chinese Kenpo Karate studios?

Who was the founder of the Chinese martial art wherein the students spends large amounts of time ‘walking the circle?’ Who was the first American President to take lessons in the art of Judo? What was the name of the movie that Bruce Lee didn’t complete before his death?

Which Karate system received the official blessing of Master Funakoshi to spread his teachings (it was not Shotokan)? What is the name of the World Taekwondo Headquarters (it is also the home of the World Taekwondo Academy)? Who was the Taekwondo master responsible for the martial arts in ‘Billie Jack?’

What is the name of the book written by the Japanese Samurai who killed sixty people and lived the last years of his life in a cave? What martial art trains one in the use of the martial arts weapon called a Parang? Who was the founder and owner of Black Belt magazine?

What length of time did it take Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace to earn his black belt? Which athlete did Bruce Lee watch the films of in a mirror to make sure he got the movements of on both sides? What was the name of the first book Ed Parker wrote on the martial arts (listed in wiki)?

Who was the CIA operative who wrote the first book on Shaolin to receive widespread attention in the US, and what was the name of the book that he wrote? What was the name of the first Kung Fu Movie to really make it big in the United States? Who was the Chinese actor to defeat a villain in a Chinese movie made in 1979, and then play that same villain in the American movie ‘Kill Bill?’

To find any answers you aren’t sure about do a google search. To figure out your results simply take the number of questions you answered correctly and divide by 18. Don’t worry if you didn’t do well on this martial arts test, for you now have the answers and are a smarter person.

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