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Martial Arts Survival Training for the Masses!

Martial Arts Survival Training Replaces Ammunition!

This thing, of martial arts survival training replacing rifles and handguns, is a real thing.

You see, I just read another instance of a gunshop running out of ammunition. So, they limited their customers to one box of ammo apiece.

martial arts survival training

My fists are my real weapons…heh!

I’ll never run out of fists!

Isn’t that interesting, we are having a shortage of ammo because the United States government is apparently buying it all up.

Sheesh! What are they expecting a war? A revolution? An uprising of citizens because of the things that the government is…don’t get me started!

Anyway, the point is that real self defense starts with the fists. Or with broken bottles and clubs and whatever else might make a quick weapon.

You see, the mugger isn’t going to tap you on the shoulder and challenge you to a karate kumite match.

He’s going to jump out of some dark corner and conk your noggin with a rusty engine block!

Yes! I’m serious!

The guy in your house while you are all sleeping upstairs will probably have some sort of weapon, and he will be willing to use it to get away with your stuff. You know, things like your car and your wife or daughter.

And, it is fun to fantasize that you will just pull out your pistolo and give him an extra rectum.

And, I am not discounting that happy possibility.

But, fighting starts with the fists, when you don’t have anything else. And what is your gaurantee that you won’t be pushing a shopping cart across the parking lot when a bash mob comes along and decides you’re the wrong color?

What are going to do? Defend yourself with frozen peas?

What are the chances that you will not be able to get to your Smith and Wesson brain popper…or just that you are a bad shot under pressure and miss the sucker?

What are you going to do if you can’t get to your weapon because it is in a lock box…at the bank! Or has a childproof trigger guard! Or you just plain run out of ammo!

So, now you are down to it. Fists. That lampshade over there. Hit him with a sofa cushion!

And he’s got a knife!

Okay. Made my point, didn’t I?

So you need martial arts training. And not that internet crap where they promise you ten moves that will kill anybody.

You ask any trained martial artist and he will laugh in your face at that.

You are going to suddenly remember a trick, when the guy trained in the prison yard, outweighing you by a hundred pounds, trying to stick a knife in your ribs?

No. It takes focus and discipline to remember stuff in the middle of combat. That’s why people train for years…because the quick fix courses don’t work, never have worked, and if they did…we wouldn’t have martial arts!

So, my advice to you is get to a martial arts school. Start learning something. Don’t be the next George Zimmerman…or Trayvon Martin. Don’t be the victim of bash mobs.

Look, there are probs with the country. There are going to be riots! There are going to be hungry people roaming the street!

So get yourself some real martial arts survival training…it’s worked for thousands of years, and it’ll work now. But you have to do it!

A great place to start is the Blinding Steel Course.

This has been a page about martial arts survival training.