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Using Martial Arts to Feng Shui a Crowd

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Knowledge is in Martial Arts Books!

I was thinking about this the other day, how to use martial arts and fang shui to sway a crowd. I even wrote a thing on it in my newsletter and other blog, but it deserves a mention over here, you know?

The point is that fang shui is the harmonious arrangement of objections in a room to create harmony within the soul. This is a simple definition, but it should suffice.

At any rate, when you are fighting bodies in the martial arts, you might think about arranging them for your harmonious delight.

At first, this is simply making sure that only one person can fight you at a time. This means you go to the side, causing one of the attackers to circle, thus making the other of the attackers stand in the center, in front, and in-between you and the circling one.

I call this making a sandwich, and the guy in the center is about to be dead meat. Grin.

Now, it goes from here. Obviously you have to study motion so that they move the way you want them to move.

As you turn your side to them they will move one way or another, and you shift, and they close, and you face and they move back, and you are really taking advantage of a rather simple concept.

The bad guy wants to blind side you; the bad guy doesn’t want to close with you being aware of him; he doesn’t want to get hit, he wants to be the hitter.

This isn’t necessariy cowardice, though it could be construed as such, it is merely expedience on the part of the fellow who wants your money, your wife, your life, whatever.

Now, this is the concept of fang shui at work: wherever the blind spot is, you shine the light of your awareness on it.

Do you see how this works to your advantage? How it takes advantage of the ‘cowardice’ (expedience) of the mugger?

Now remember, it starts with the simple concept of sandwiching them. It flowers with understanding that concept that they are trying to blindside you, it comes to fruition with the fact that you arrange the circle of motion so that you are one the one always facing them.

They try to get to you, you slide off to the side and look at them. It will change their speed, make them do things they wouldn’t do for the simple reason that they have bend discovered.

Sneakers in the night, eh? Shine a little light on them and they scurry. Grin.

Well, that’s the skeletal structure of the thing. It should be pretty easy for you to put some meat on these bones, make a few exercises, and fang shui your attackers to the mat.

If you liked this concept of using Feng Shui in the martial arts, you can actually find my source martial on this subject of crowd control in a small book including in ten martial books called The Master Books. It is available at Monster Martial Arts.