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The Last Martial Arts Course You Will Ever Need!

Newsletter 1004
The Nine Square Diagram Course!

What better way to celebrate HanaKwanMass
than to announce a new course!

HanaKwanMass is
of course
Hanukkah, Kwanza and Christmas

And the new course is…

The Nine Square Diagram Boxing Course!

Now, it comes in two parts.
Part one is the hard style.
Part two is the soft style.

You can buy them separately,
or buy them together.

And, there are bonuses.

On the hard course,
I give the Nine Square Diagram Book.

No bonus on the soft style course

get both hard and soft courses,
and you get the Master Instructor Course.

That’s right,
a whole course,
and probably the best course I’ve got.
It straightens up ANY martial art.
Gets rid of the stuff that is confusing
and leaves you with hard core physics
as the real backbone of the martial arts.

Right now the course is all digital.
A week or two and I’ll get the physical disks up,

let me say it now,
this is the cumulation of everything
I have learned over 50 years.
It is complete,
includes virtually every other art,
and matrixes everything.
Hard to soft.
Concepts from any art.

I mean it when I say it is the last art
you will ever have to study.

it is pretty much the only art I do anymore.
All the classical arts I spent years figuring out,
they have been replaced.
All the techniques,
combined and condensed into true workability.

in the ring,
in the meditation chamber,
in the dojo,
in your backyard…
this really is the best art in the world.

check it out.
the website is new,
just bare bones,
but I have an order page up.


a word,
because it is brand new there may be bugs.
If you encounter one just let me know at
I stand behind everything I do,
and i will fix any bugs as quickly as I can.

have a great work out!


Making use of Shaolin Meitation to Rule the Globe

Shaolin Meditation Breakthrough!

I had been studying Karate for a while, and I was fasinated by the concept of Shaolin Meditation. I had read of it in a book, and it definitely did seem like something I desired to do. Heck, one book I reviewed pointed out that if a guy might focus on merely one thing for as little as 3 minutes he could rule the planet!

shaolin meditation3 minutes? Heck, that was absolutely nothing!

And if I did it I would certainly be the most effective martial artist in the planet! I could easily knock over walls, be a wafting, disembodied intelligence. No wall could control me! No changing booth could be immune from my kung fu powers!

At the time I was working in a plastics factory in San Jose. Being rather burnt out with making heat shrinkable tubes, I made a decision that the day had actually come when I would certainly understand martial arts concentration and command the planet.

Lunchtime, and I walked out to the parking lot and into the orchard next door. I chose a round stone for my one thing, and sat down on the curb. My thoughts filled with plans for exactly what I would probably do when I had actually vanquished the globe, I consumed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and psychologically equipped myself.

Done with sandwich, I positioned the round stone on the ground and sat cross-legged just before it. I could not do a zazen sitting posture, or a yoga lotus asana, or anything like that, so I figured sitting Indian fashion might probably need to do it.

I gave myself a shake, lowered my gaze, and concentrated on the stone.

It was round. Probably I touched on that, however I did observe that it was round. And the colour dirt. Well, of course, I had actually gotten it from an orchard and … I psychologically shook myself and required myself to cease thinking. I needed to concentrate, be a laser, command the planet. My eyes stared at the rock.

A short time passed. I speculated just how I was expected to realize when 3 seconds passed. It sure was a very long time. I tossed that thought out of the way and stared at the stone once more.

After a while, I was sure 2 minutes had actually passed. I proceeded, awaiting the heavens to open, anticipating God to bow down, awaiting the cosmos to open and enjoy me as their rightful ruler.

And, 3 minutes … at least I think it was 3 minutes … I was bored. Absolutely nothing was occurring.

I picked up the rock, tossed it over my shoulder and back into the orchard and … I all of a sudden recognized something. The rock had not been dull … I was boring. The rock was merely sitting there, doing nothing, it was me that had actually made it, and reality, and life … boring.

I stood then, and life was never ever the same after that. I was never ever bored ever again. I occasionally ponder where that round stone is. Heck, if I could possibly discover it I might be up for one more 3 minutes of martial arts meditation … the things I could quite possibly discover!