Would Tayvon Martin be Dead if He Had Learned Martial Arts?

Would Tayvon be in the ground if he had learned martial arts?

Interesting question, eh? But I often wonder if learning the martial arts would make a difference in people’s lives. Tayvon, of course, is supposed to have punched George Zimmerman in the face, jumped on him when he was down, and bashed his skull against the concrete.

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Martial Arts Knowledge is the Key!


Did he? I don’t know, but the pics I have seen of Zimmerman’s head seems to indicate yes.

So, would Tayvon Martin have jumped George if he knew Karate, or Kung Fu? Probably not. Kids get their anxieties taken care of on the mat, they don’t take them to the street. This is not a guarantee, of course, merely an opinion.

The other side of this question is whether George Zimmerman would have shot Tayvon Martin dead if he knew Kenpo or Taekwondo, or something like that?

Again, opinion, but probably not. He would have been more alert, would have kept more distance. Heck, if Tayvon did do the jumping, he would have seent he look in George’s eyes that he was ready.

There is one thing that happens in the martial arts, in a Karate dojo or a kung fu kwoon, and that is a look that comes into the eyes. ‘I know about fighting, so I don’t want to fight.’

Bad guys see this. And if Tayvon was the bad guy, then he would have passed on george and moved on to other prey.

Well, it is all conjecture at this point, except for one thing. The practice and discipline, the respect and mental health that come from a study of the martial arts is real, and kids everywhere learn lessons that George Zimmerman and Tayvon Martin never learned.

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