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Karate Kumite…Mad Dog Survival Isn’t Always Emotional!

Karate Kumite is the Fastest Way to Learn How to Fight!

Karate Kumite and Clint Eastwood, I never thought I’d be talking about those two things together. In ‘The Outlaw Josie Wales,’ Clint lectures some sissy pioneers about how to get mad dog mean if you want to survive. There is truth in his lecture, but if you are involved in classical martial arts training, there is also a lie.

monster martial artsThe truth of the matter is that you have to grow your desire to survive. You have to try harder than you have ever tried before. You have to be willing to fight and not stop fighting.

The falsehood in his lecture is that emotion increases desire to win. To understand why this is important in the martial arts we have to define what emotion is. The bizarre fact is that if you look in a dictionary there is not a good definition.

Emotion is not going to be ‘mood,’ or an ‘instinctive state of mind,’ and a definition of that sort tells us very little. So think on this: when somebody is unable to accept reality they create a mental turmoil that is emotion. That’s a heck of a good definition, and I know because I wrote it myself, but we have to look deeper if we are really going to understand emotion and how it works.

The Neutronic definition is: ‘Motion inside the mind.’ You feel a little rage, and in your mind you want to make motion towards the person causing it (hit them in the head with a hammer). But it is all in your mind, and it tends to be a little less than real.

If you were going to strike somebody, would you focus energy into your knee? Sort of a waste, eh? As a martial artist you want to focus energy only into the fist.

When you direct energy into body parts other than the one(s) being used this is wasting energy. This same holds true concerning emotion. Energy in emotion is not energy dedicated to the desire to win; to win it is best if we get mad dog cool, not extra angry.

Emotion is not a bad thing, for emotion is something we can use to communicate others, show our real feelings, experience love, and that sort of thing. However, emotion when you are trying to survive a dire situation can stultify a person’s desire to fight. When it comes to Karate Kumite, or any other type of classical martial arts fighting method, you must increase your desire to win without falling into emotion, or trying to use emotion in any way.

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