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How to Build Ki Energy with the Body in Martial Arts

Builds Lotsa Ki Energy!

Ki Energy in the Martial Arts is always considered one of those mysterious magician’s gimmicks. Nobody knows how to do it, let alone explain it, yet ki Energy, or chi power or qigong or whatever you want to call it, has grabbed the public imagination.

What is fascinating is that using the body martial arts style, there is an automatic input of energy. Unfortunately, most people never understand it, and thus the effects are unappreciated.

ki energy

Martial Arts Ki Energy!

In this piece of writing I’m going to set forth a couple of rules which should help you generate more ki energy. You’ll find that understanding what you are doing is going to really help your martial arts practice.

When you sink into a martial arts stance you are attaching your body to the earth. To hold the ground or to launch the body through space matters not, there is an attachment of the body to the planet, and from this you build your martial arts power.

When you sink into stance you need to analyze the geometry of the body. The geometry should be based upon a simple triangle. The tan tien (the ‘one point’ located a couple of inches below the belly button) is the top of the triangle, the line between the feet provide the base.

Doesn’t matter what martial arts stance you take – horse stance, back stance, whatever – just examine the triangle and make sure the angles of the triangle are functioning.

Functioning means that you are doing two things.

First, breath to the tan tien.

Second, lower the stance, so that you feel more weight, and thus create more energy.

Do these two things for a while, breathing and grounding, and you will find the function in your stance, and ki energy will start to build in your body and manifest in your martial art.

Karate vs Kung Fu vs Aikido…or whatever the fighting discipline…it doesn’t matter. The stance is the item. The art is a stylistic build upon the stance…and the techniques you do will all be mounted upon the stances.

Now, a couple of things to be wary of.

Don’t turn the feet too far to the sides, or turn them too far inwards, seek an alignment of the feet that supports the intention (direction) of the stance, and therefore the technique. This can be confusing until you realize the simplicity of how everything works.

Keep the tan then inside the base of the feet, lest your triangle topple.


Breath rhythmically with your motion. Breath in when the body contracts, breath out when the body expands.

Do you see how basic these martial arts instructions for generating ki energy are? The difficulty lies only in thinking that the stances, which is to say the various postures, are complex, and then having to resolve them by inspection until they are simple and make sense.

Read that last sentence again, it is important, it tells you one of the reasons people make the martial arts such a lo-o-ong subject to study.

The truth of the matter is that the body can be rebuilt in as little as three months, and this includes making real and usable ki power. Watch the US army boot camp, or even one of the PX 90 infomercial ads on late night television.

Whether you change the body, and start manufacturing ki power depends not on years of rare exercises  and drills that you don’t understand, but simply resolving the simple stances and techniques and martial arts kata to the principles explained here.

For more data, check out this bit of writing on Martial Arts Chi Power. Or, if you want, all the principles that I’ve hinted at in this article on ki power are actually given in the Master Instructor Online Course at Monster Martial Arts.

Aikido Ki is the Secret of Life!

Aikido Ki and How to Make It

Aikido Ki is one of the most misunderstood things on the planet. Truth, people enrolled in martial arts classes are taught how to fight, how to win trophies, how to pay their instructor month after month and think they are getting something, but they are not learning martial arts ki.

Ki is energy. Ki is the glow in knowledgeable eyes. It is called ki power, or kung fu chi energy, or by other similar terms.

Aikido ki Power

To make Aikido Ki you must make yourself

When you are weight lifting, when you are lifting hundreds of pounds, you are feeding the muscles, your awareness is on the muscles, so the energy goes into your muscles, and not into the tan tien, which is the ki generator of the body.

Weight lifting isn’t bad, it is just for another purpose than building chi power.

When you are learning to fight, to win trophies, to get the gold, you are practicing to beat your fellow man. But beating up your fellow man results in the opposite of gaining martial arts ki powers. Beating up your fellow man squashes him, at your expense, and reduces the glow in the eyes, the fun in the heart.

In the martial arts one should study to the point where you give up fighting.

And learning martial arts just to pay your instructor has nothing to do with ki power.

To build this mythical ki energy thing you need only do your art with certain principles in mind. These principles can be done anywhere, with any art. So even if you have a bad system, or a bad instructor, you can be a good student and make your art give you the glow in the eyes type of chi that I am talking about.

First, as stated earlier, breath to and from the tan tien. Oxygen won’t reach it (it is located two inches below the navel), but air into the lungs starts a wave form of energy that will reach it. Stand with your arms extended and breath deep, you will likely feel a tingle in your fingertips. The energy went into the tan tien, and the tan tien pumped it out to the rest of your body. If you didn’t feel it, then you just need to keep breathing and focusing your awareness until you do.

Second, structure all motion to and from the tan tien. Yes, boxers say throw the punch from the shoulder, and they can put a lot of weight into the strike. But that strike is still as nothing when compared to a martial arts chi powered punch or kick. That punch or kick is going to have a lot more thought and intention and, ultimately, power.

This thing, of structuring all motion to and from the tan tien is the key. So go through all your forms or movements, isolate each motion, and figure out how the energy comes from the ground by sinking your stance, and align the movement and position of your arms so the energy can go out your arms.

Have somebody push on your body postures, find the positions which you can hold with the least amount of effort: that is the key to Martial Arts ki energy.

This thing, of breathing correctly and structuring the body correctly, is the key to all martial arts. Be they Chinese martial arts, Wing Chun Martial Arts, or whatever. So fix your fighting discipline, watch videos and learn from history and do all that you can, because that is what it takes to empower the body, put a glow into the eyes, and become the powerful, enduring personality that you really are.

This has been an article about aikido ki power and how to build it.

Here’s another great article about how ki power unlocks the universe. The most comprehensive book on how to develop Martial Arts Chi Power is at Monster Martial Arts

Chi Power through Unique Martial Arts Breathing Practice

Martial Arts Breathing and Chi Power

The capacity to generate beams of energy, though I have actually never ever seen nor become aware of it went over, is at the heart of martial arts breathing practices. I feature pressor or tractor or any other sort of beam in this conversation.
A beam is a line of energy drive outward from the body of the martial performer, and this beam is normally built upon a line, though it need not be.
martial arts breath

It can be pointed out that your martial art is not a real martial art unless it creates the capability to produce a beam of energy at will.
Many martial practices on world globe are aspired towards constructing muscle, or the shabby pretext of stimulating body parts. The function of this post is to awaken the reader to the capacity of developing beams of energy.
The first thing to be recognized is that the body is absolutely nothing more than just an appliance. It is a natural machine built of meat and bone and several connecting systems. Definitely, to the individual unused to a body, it can easily appear like a Rubic’s cube, however, in fact, it is remarkably straightforward to make use of.
To utilize the body as a beam power generator one need to engage in classic forms, and comprehend the value of classic postures.
To engage in the classic postures needs work, which work demands the production of energy in the Tan Tien, which is the one point, which is absolutely nothing more than just an energy power generator on a body/machine degree.
This work must be supplemented by breathing in accordance with the development or contraction of the body.
To posture, to work, to breath, to focus interest along the course of the arms, to envision. It is creative imagination that sets us apart from the beasts, and it is creative imagination that is required to produce the concept of a beam of energy coming out of the body. You need to engage in till the mind is calm then it will definitely have the ability to picture.
To check your capacity to beam it is essential to make use of an easy and frequently over looked trick. Set up a candle and face it, punch, and cease your fist an inch from the flame.
Do not trick flick the flame by leaving the line of the beam, however focus, and keep the line of the beam as straight as feasible. With success over time, cease your fist 2 inches from the flame, then further. Enhance distance till you can easily put out the flame from throughout the area. At some point, with fantastic persistence and want, you will certainly have the ability to just examine the flame and make it go out.
There are those that laugh and such practices as detailed right here are of little value, and there are those that will definitely not linger, however look for the instant gratification of easy battling. Then there are those that will certainly find out the depths of their being with this easy activity.
The distinction between the two is faith, view in yourself, and the need to awaken your real capabilities, and therefore awaken yourself, and this is at the heart of the Neutronic idea behind generating a beam of energy through Martial Arts breathing.